• Frequently Asked Questions

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The quality of Chimin watches

  1. NDA will be offered to protect your private designs
  2. Innovation ideas will offer to you from our years of development experience and marketing.
  3. The Swiss-Made workshop can be offered at a reasonable price
  4. Small brand or new startup companies also can get great help from us and build long relationships.
  5. We can control our own parts and supplier’s parts cost on reliable quality. Because we control our case and enough steady orders which ensure our supplier steady business and control their cost down.
  6. The professional sales team can offer easy-going service and new ideas for your designs.

Yes, CE, ROHS, FCC,UL, etc. can be offered.

The Standard of Chimin watches

All watches are covered by our normal 2-year warranty, the watch has a problem for quality question not include people hand broken.

1-3 days for stock sample, 30-35 days for OEM sample.
Normally, existing common mold mass production can be finished in 60-65 days(Unique complex designs need more time and ensure the quality, especially for the assembly and test)

500pcs normally, but we accept mixed colors. 300pcs accepted for the automatic watches at the first beginning.

Design Protection

Yes, our design team will assist you draw and modify the watch design in your requirement, 2D/3D/CAD drawing could offer.

We will not provide any of your design information to others. NDA will be signed before you send over the designs to us.

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